Making coffee the Chinese way

Today, I share with you a great insight.

Do you like coffee? do you get fed up with the paraphernalia needed to make it, and washing everything up? I do. Why can’t it be as simple as tea? The fact is, you don’t need any hardware except for a cup and a teaspoon. And, you will probably use less ground coffee in the process.

How does it work? take a look at one of the traditional methods the Chinese use for tea. They just put a few leaves in hot water, and when the leaves sink, it’s ready to drink. (And you can top up with water again to make the leaves go further – most good teas are fine for this.)

Well, the same works for coffee! So try this: 2 teaspooons of coffee grounds in a normal-size mug, with milk (optional) and then top up with near-boiling water, and leave for a few minutes. Stir occasionally. After about five minutes, most of the grounds will have sunk and you can drink the coffee.

It’s not bad, is it?

Worth mentioning: the ‘Byzantine’ method (Greek coffee etc) is kind of similar – heating the coffee and water mix to boiling and then not bothering to separate them.


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